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FOR SALE: Black & White Pintabian Colt

True and extremely rare black & white Pintabian colt with 99.3% Arabian blood. One of the requirements to be registered Pintabian is that the horse must be a minimum of 99.2% Arabian blood. Very beautiful colt with a gorgeous dished head, big beautiful eyes, level top line, high tail set, upright neck, and excellent conformation. Very sweet and loving disposition, wonderful mover.

Price of this foal has been greatly reduced for quick sale due to personal family issues.

Pintabian colt available for purchase.
99.3% Arabian Blood
BL Alistar x SH Nadirah
Date of Birth: 8/6/2012

Price: $2,995

FOR SALE: SH Nadirah

Young and beautiful mare. Nice conformation, gorgeous head with large, kind eyes. Nadirah is Homozygous for the black gene. She is a proven broodmare and an excellent mother. A very sweet girl, easy keeper. No foaling problems.

Registered with PtHA, PHRI and AHA. Eligible to be registered with IPAR.

Our loss is your gain. We are selling her only due to husband's health issues and we will be discontinuing our breeding program at least for awhile.

Don't miss this opportunity to acquire this exceptional true Pintabian mare. Watch her video!

Pintabian Mare available for purchase.
99.2% Arabian Blood
BHR Hosans Braveheart x SH Black Fantasha
Date of Birth: 3/28/2005

Price: $8,500

FOR SALE: Koublat Al Zilal, meaning Kiss of the Shaadow

Just saw this mare for the first time since she was a foal. She is by our stallion Black Shaadow, and I am proud to say that she is absolutely gorgeous! She is a jet black ¾ Arab mare, ¼ Belgian, 5 years old with a striking white blaze, gentle loving temperament. 15 hands tall. Has been started with ground work. Outstanding Sport Horse or Dressage Prospect. Registered Half-Arabian with the Arabian Horse Association.

Reluctantly this mare is being offered for sale by the owner.
Owned and bred by Kimberlee T. Knauf and Eugene D. Moretti of Cato, NY.

Please contact Abmor Acres for more information.

Black ¾ Arabian, ¼ Belgian Mare
Black Shaadow x Rusjalyn (HAHR)

Price: $3,500


SOLD: Rashash Al Alwan, meaning Splash of the Colors

Pintabian colt
99.5% Arabian Blood
BL Alistar x Dakota Chip
Date of Birth: 6/7/2010

FOR SALE: Raamik, foaled July 25, 2011.

An extraordinarily exotic and typey 92% Arabian colt. Very upright neck and tail carriage, big eye with a tiny chiseled muzzle, short back, floaty gait. A really nice colt! Owned and bred by Abmor Acres.

Black-Bay Half-Arabian Colt
92% Arabian Blood
Black Shaadow x WH Miss Nadira Rose

SOLD: FT Black Olivett (Purebred Black Arabian Mare)

A beautiful purebred black Arabian mare. Has been used mostly for a brood mare but is trained to ride. Produces beautiful, exotic foals. Since we owned her, 3 of 3 of her foals were black, with 2 being homozygous for black. (2 fillies and 1 colt). Her colt is being maintained as a stallion and will be a future herd sire.

Beautiful mare, great mother. Excellent bloodlines! (Saud El Ameer, *Adhem,*Bask, Bask Flame, etc.)

SOLD: Amiraat Al Alwan, meaning Princess of the Colors

She is an absolutely stunning high percentage Arabian-Pinto filly. Rare with over 92% Arabian blood proven on registration certificate. Extreme Arabian type, nice conformation, upright neck, floaty with gorgeous dished face, tiny muzzle and large soft eyes, very loving and gentle temperament. Striking very dark bay and white 50/50 color.Expected to be 15 hands tall at maturity.

Pinto Arabian Filly. 92.4% Arabian blood.
Black Shaadow x WH Miss Nadira Rose

Registered with Arabian Horse Association, Pinto Horse Association of America, and International Pinto Arabian Registry.

Watch Video!

Congratulations to Barabara O. of Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania

Pinto Arabian filly. 92.4% Arabian blood. Dark Bay/White Tobiano.

SOLD: Al Shaatawi, meaning The Wintery One

Pintabian colt. 99.6% Arabian
Black Shaadow x SH Snow Princess

True and extremely rare Pintabian with 99.6% Arabian blood. Pintabians are a very rare breed with only about 600 currently registered in the US and only a few select individuals having been exported outside the US to such countries as the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. The grandsire of this colt, Braveheart (Pintabian stallion), was exported to a stud farm in Austria. One of the requirements to be registered Pintabian is that the horse must be a minimum of 99.2% Arabian blood.

2008 Pintabian Colt

Congratulations to Thierry and Isabelle Benard of Les Andelys, FRANCE.

Pintabian colt. 99.6% Arabian blood.
Black and White Tobiano.
(Black Shaadow x SH Snow Princess)

SOLD: Riyaah Al Sawda, meaning The Black Wind

Black Purebred Arabian Filly
Black Shaadow x FT Black Olivett

The filly's full name is Riyaah Al Sawda, meaning The Black Wind. She is a shiny jet black with only a very small star on her forehead, highly intelligent and very sociable. As her main caretaker, I have a very close relationship with this filly. She is quite enjoyable and has that true Arabian need to bond with their master.

She is curious and loves attention paid to her. She really needs to go to someone who will spend time with her and be her friend.

She is going to be a very tall, elegant refined horse...I expect her to be at least 15.2 + hands. Her bone structure is not course; she is refined with refined features, a nice dished head with teacup muzzle, big beautiful, soft eyes, and short back. Her neck is long and refined with a beautiful long mane that falls down over her neck. Her forelock drapes over her eyes. She is a nice quality show horse and I feel she would also excel in endurance racing.

Congratulations to Carrie K. of Fort Laramie, WY.

Weanling Photo

Yearling Photo

Black Arabian Mare
(Black Shaadow x FT Black Olivett)

– A few fine examples of Black Shaadow offspring. –

Sabirah (x FT Black Olivett)
Black purebred Arabian filly

Bred by Abmor Acres
Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Pettit of Tampa, FL.

Moniet Nadira meaning The Wish of the Rare One
Black/White Pintabian filly (99.6% Arabian)
Black Shaadow x SH Snow Princess

A true and extremely rare black/white Pintabian filly with 99.6% Arabian blood and that flashy Pinto color. She is very correct and tall with a beautiful dished head, large eye, elegant long neck, and flat topline. She's got it all! Arabian beauty, intelligence, and kind temperament with that flashy Pinto color.

Bred by Abmor Acres
Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Gerukos of Houston, Texas.

Indigos JC Midnight
Bay Anglo-Arab gelding
Black Shaadow x Georgi Girl

Indigos JC "Jay" Midnight wipes out well known competition his first and second time out!!

Purchased by competitive endurance rider Jennifer Poling, she knew Jay was the horse for her at first site. She couldn’t resist the beautiful, tall colt with that big heart of gold. Soon after purchasing Jay, Jennifer decided to enter him in his first endurance race. With no expectations she entered him in a 55-mile race. To everyone's surprise he blew away the competition. He not only won the race against experienced horses and riders, but did so with all A's on his vet card.

Feeling confident Jen entered Jay in another 55-mile endurance race. This would be only his second race in his lifetime. Amazingly he won this race as well in a race-off finish. Here he was within one point of winning Best Condition.

What an accomplishment! Congratulations to Jen and Jay! We will certainly be closely following their career in endurance riding.

Bred by the Hagen family of Trumansburg, NY
Owned by Jennifer Poling of Moatsville, West Virginia

Dardashaat Al Amal meaning The Talk of Hope.
Bay/White Pinto Half-Arabian filly (92% Arabian)
Black Shaadow x WH Miss Nadira Rose (PtHA)

Bred by Abmor Acres
Owned by Diana Pettit of Tampa, FL

Sharaf Al Ramaari (x Sharaf Al Rasheka)
Black Purebred Arabian Stallion

Bred and Owned by Gina Caramadre of Cazenovia, NY

Shaarin (x Lady Minstril)
Black Bay Purebred Arabian Filly.

Bred by Rapture Arabians.
Owned by C. Moreau of Pomfret, CT.

Al Moulawan (x WH Miss Nadira Rose)
Bay/WH Half Arabian Pinto Colt (92% Arab).

Bred by Abmor Acres.
Owned by The Ingersoll's of Hannibal, NY.

Cricket OL (x Qatama Saiga)
Black Purebred Arabian Filly.

Bred by Arabs of Lacy.
Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Brean of West Chazy, NY.

Emerald Jewel (x WH Miss Nadira Rose)
Black Bay Half Arabian Filly.

Bred by Abmor Acres
Owned by J. Stanton of Auburn, NY

Al Shaama team penning with owner Tammy Worden

Al Shaama (x Yanhabb Malak)
Bay Purebred Arabian Mare

Owned by Bay Array Farm
Tammy and Rod Worden of Hastings, NY

Contact us for further information and pedigree.
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